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Blood Ties - Director's Note

Blood Ties - Director's Note   submitted on Mon, 10/01/2007 - 13:39 in BABY FILMS Productions Presents ... Group by babyfilm

Blood Ties is the fruit of a collective work.This group of talented and passionate actors have joined together for this project, as we know and artistically respect each others since a long time.We all come from the stage. We’re not looking for fame at any cost. We love to work on the character, to build it reahearse after rehearse. It’s not a case that everybody was enthusiastic when Arnoldo Foà joined the group. With his 65 years on the stage Foà embodies, the ideal of sobrierty and rigor our group tries to achieve. This has been the fertile ground for Blood Ties. It’s not a “feel good movie”. The story is tough, but not in a artificial way. Its strenght comes from reality.While shooting, tens of people told us of similar cases happened to their families, to their friends. It’s the corrupting power of money, that makes our feelings crumble like clay. Blood Ties shows a part of Italy still faraway from contemporary world. A reality still tied to our roots, to a past of ignorance and backwardness.The story puts also a light on the condition of hadicapped people living in the country, away from social security structures.   

I tried to put together all the things I love more: my Sicilian origins, Neorealism, the Greek tragedy, Shakespeare’s theatre... and life.


Paola Columba

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