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Don't Think Just Know!

Don't Think Just Know!   submitted on Tue, 08/07/2007 - 09:59 in Visionary Surrealism by Myztico Group by SoulTraveller
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Tags:  liberty   Life   love   myztico   spiritual   Surreal   truth   Visionary   Image 
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I want to share this powerful and insightful documentary "ZEITGEIST” that can be viewed online for FREE that will not only EDUCATE and EMPOWER each of us but can be the key to help spark an Intellectual R-Evolution that will help STOP what a few elitists have in store for all of us. I URGE each of you to watch this documentary with an OPEN MIND and Heart and pass it on to as many people that you know. We are living at a very crucial point in history full of DISTRACTIONS and keep each of us from critically thinking about what is truly ocurring in our world,each of us need to be AWAKENED to the TRUTH before its TOO LATE! I would be interested in hearing your feedback after you have viewed it. This is sent out with LOVE and RESPECT towards ALL HUMANS!



"They Must find it difficult, those whom have taken authority as the TRUTH,

rather than TRUTH as the authority".  -Gerald Massey



Dr.Ron Paul is America's only TRUE HOPE in 2008 that can turn this mess America is in.

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