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What is - “community driven television tm “ is a multimedia content directory where you can find Groups about many different subjects, complete with video, audio, articles, and pictures. The best content of each Group is promoted to the home page on a TV channel.

What can I find on
On you can find pretty much anything that the community finds interesting. This includes: videos, articles, music, and images created by the community for the community. Typical content include but is not limited to interviews, documentaries, live music, essays and much more. Many artists (filmmakers, musicians, painters, actors, etc) choose to present their artwork, but you don’t need to be an artist to talk about what you do, professionals of any type (architects, lawyers, plumbers, artisan, computer wiz, etc ) are welcome as well, just try to make your content compelling for the community. If you do not see something you care about, consider posting it yourself and get the credit for it!

Is safe for children?
We do our best to keep our content clean and PortfolioChest safe, there are some specific programs that are indicated for children (we recommend that parents always supervise the activities of younger children on the internet) and there are other programs that some parents could find objectionable. Due to the interactive nature and flexibility of the web and the PortfolioChest platform in particular, and given that registered users have the ability to send and receive messages at this time we accept registrations to the website only for people over 18.

What can I use for?
You can use to promote yourself, your organization, your cause or to find out more information about a particular subject. helps individuals , businesses and communities to promote their content on the web, increasing visibility to search engines and social bookmarking websites. Submitting content and/or creating a Group on will increase your exposure or the exposure of your organization on the web.

Can I or my organization make money with PortfolioChest? is mainly a promotion tool for individuals, businesses and associations, however there are revenue opportunities for content providers as well as e-commerce tools that allow Groupmasters to generate leeds and perform e-commerce functions, including the acceptance of Paypal payments. For further information email specific questions to: bizdevel [@]

How is organized? is organized like a directory in hierarchical Groups. Each Group is maintained by a volunteer editor called “Group master” which is the absolute authority within his Group.

How to I become a “Group master”?
To become a “Group master” click on the “create a Group button on the homepage, Select an area of interest and submit your request. Someone will get back to you soon. What are the advantages of being a Group master? Becoming a Group master gives you the opportunity to name a Group according to your needs; you could be the first to own the “gold” Group or anything else that you fancy. Just keep your Group updated with relevant content and promote yourself.

How do I promote my content? There are many ways to promote your content; here are three of the easiest. More tips are emailed weekly to Groupmasters.
1) is indexed frequently by Google, just by creating and uploading content, your posts will become available to users making searches on Google and you will be generating traffic.
2)You can use the “invite” button on your Group to invite friends and acquaintances so that the can come to see or hear your content.
3)You and your friends can also submit your best content to social bookmarking websites which are listed within each Group for your convenience, doing so greatly improve your visibility on the web.

Can I write blogs on
For the time being we have an “article” feature which works better for the community. Articles are just like blogs but are organized by subject instead of date.

What can I upload to
On you can upload pictures, sounds, video and writings that you create yourself or of which you own the rights. For example you can upload a video of your last performance, a picture of you at work, an article about your organization, or some music you composed. The possibilities are endless. You can not upload a TV show or something for which you don’t have a specific approval from the author.

What are the specific formats accepted by
For pictures and images limit yourself to: GIF and JPG For Video formats see this url :
For Audio formats see this url :
; For the articles you can use TXT files, DOC files and HTML.

Do you have a question that is not in this list?
Please email it to faq [@] you will receive a personal answer, and we might use your question to update the FAQ page.

Thank You
The team.

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