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Myrna Lake: Yesterdays

Myrna Lake: Yesterdays   submitted on Sun, 11/16/2008 - 07:05 in Jazz Group by Mike_Longo

Yesterdays, vocalist Myrna Lake's second album, follows softly--as opposed to hard--on the heels of her independently released 2002 debut, Close Enough, when she was a spry young thing of 67. A late starter? Well, not really. Lake started singing three-part harmony with her father and sister at age six, and by 14 was performing with the Civic Opera company in her home city of St. Paul, Minnesota. Nowadays she lives in New York City where, health permitting, she works as a vocal instructor with the Jazz Mobile and at the Queens Conservatory of Music in Flushing. She also sits in with diverse bands in clubs such as Small's. "Small's is nice. I'd like to work there more often," she says...

Source: allaboutjazz
Author: Chris Mosey

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