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Programme Avails - Compilation Shows

Programme Avails  - Compilation Shows   submitted on Mon, 03/24/2008 - 23:48 in lbbc interstitials Group by little black book co


brings to you reports

about the latest world level events and

the newest gear, previews of the best

Extreme DVD, video games or movie

trailers as well as exclusive footage of

the craziest adrenaline addicts and the

most recent disciplines!

Update Duration: 60'

Update Frequency: Weekly / 1

Languages: Non Verbal



Want to leave boredom to others? Leave

your brain on the doorstep and enter

the world of Stupido.TV! As you know,

stupid things are often fun and fun

things are often stupid. Get ready for

nearly an hour of hilarious non-stop

comedy action, the funniest clips and

the weirdest images.

Update Duration: 30'

Update Frequency: Weekly / 1

Languages: Non Verbal


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Tags:  Article   Charts   Extreme   Extremity Tv   gags   Humour   looped channels   looped shows   skits   Stupido TV 
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