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vvv   submitted on Sun, 03/30/2008 - 20:08 in dead niche: to be renamed 4 Group by Serginho

PortfolioChest has two ‘easy to use’ invite functions forpromoting or distributing your portfolio, niche, content or product and theyare listed in two sections:

(a) the general niche utilities section on the nichehome page:



and  (b) below this, in your personal links section whereyou edit personal data, invites of course and your account, email etc…


(a) is a generic PortfolioChest invitewhich invites people to join in and become part of the community, they need toregister and subscribe to niches and find their own paths as a PortfolioChest user,


but…(b) the invite page from within yourpersonal links section is a much more powerful tool.


The invitees are automatically subscribed to theniche, user names and passwords are also generated to give instant access toPortfolioChest giving you an immediate reach to the recipient. 


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